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  • Hey Lucy

    Hey “Lucy” I don’t know if you will read this, but on the chance you do, here’s my phone number: +43 ————— You’re cute. Sorry I had to leave so suddenly.

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  • For G.

    I would have liked a chance to decide if I loved you outside of an emergency,But everything got pushed forward,The calendar came for us, bearing its claws,With sudden weddings and far more sudden funerals.With visa expiration dates and, I knew when I met you that your father was dying,But we were both under the impression……

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  • Perhaps it would be fitting to start with “Once upon a time…” seeing as, for the moment, I feel an awful lot like a goddamn princess. It’s hard to trust anything these days, and only time will tell, but for now I am smitten. I keep fearing the rug will be pulled out from under……

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  • The past few months have been some of the saddest I’ve had, and the past few weeks more so. I have learned that I am an unreliable narrator of my own life, because every time I deign to allow a speck of hope that something will go right, it doesn’t. Every time I am certain……

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  • Come here, loverboy, stomp on my heart.

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  • Things are strange these days. Everyone, it seems, wants to tie me up. My stomach has been in knots. My wrists remain unbruised, and I am bound to no one. I have so few promises to keep, and nothing keeping me here. I’ve been thinking about escaping. I should go somewhere warm, somewhere with an……

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  • A PSA

    WordPress told me someone in Ireland read my blog. Whoever you are, I would like to know: Do you have an Irish accent? Are you cute? Would you like a girlfriend? Would you like that girlfriend to be me? Happy St. Patrick’s day to only me and this reader.

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  • Tonight was the first time I felt actually jealous about the Redhead. Known him a while, built a friendly love, and then we built a friendly-love-and-then-some. I don’t know, I chew my thumbnail when I think about him. I don’t know, I smile when I think about him. I don’t know, my dad caught me……

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  • It’s a good thing we don’t live in the same city, because if we did I would be ringing your doorbell right now. I know you still live with her, that you‘ve been trading weeks on the couch. That you have been texting me for months now. I know you have the keys to a……

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  • S.W.A.K.

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