A Meeting with Andrew

I met Andrew by the water on a Sunday morning. I had separated from my group of travel companions. I took a stroll to the seaside to sit on the wet stone of a rock wall, soak my skirt in the remnants of the morning's rain, and drink in the gloom of the day. The... Continue Reading →

An Encounter with Sherlock Holmes

It was a crisp October day and the wind kicked the leaves up to the second-floor window of 221B Baker Street. My companion Sherlock Holmes rose from his chair and gazed down at the entryway to spy a woman pacing back and forth. Within a few minutes, she was inside, and up the stairs. Sherlock... Continue Reading →

Biblioquiescent Panic: A Case Study

I decided to escape the confines of my apartment's white walls for the confines of the Austrian National Library's white walls. I tried to visit years ago as a tourist, and left embarrassed, having never really seen the inside. Which I was told is gorgeous. Today, I decided to be brave. I bought an annual... Continue Reading →

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