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  • Masks off.

    And Ho! Hard-hearted poets, gather round! Hear my declaration: The era of mandatory masks has ended, and the age of full-faced public transit flirtation is upon us again! Gather ye round, fair (but well aged) maids and eager (salt-and-pepper-haired) lads. There’s matchmaking to do! Gather all your hopes, all the honed shards of your broken……

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  • All Shades of Blue

    I met her outside the museum. She was standing there, looking at the clock on her locked phone like she was waiting for someone. I guess she was willing to pretend that someone was me. I was out for a walk, attempting to get the exercise my partner always said would clear my mind. I……

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  • An Update On Kevin

    I have received countless emails in response to my Modern Love Essay, “Two Kisses We Never Talked About” in the New York Times, and many of them are asking “What happened to Kevin?” The answer is tricky, but the short answer is: Kevin is still alive. Beyond that, the answer in unclear which is why……

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  • My essay was published in the New York Times’ Modern Love column. It was such an honor to have my piece given this incomparable platform, and so far the response has been amazing and overwhelming. This has been an absolute dream of a lifetime. You can read the article here:

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  • Subscribers

    Hello everyone! Thank you for all the love on the NYT article. I am working to respond to every email I got. A few people have messaged me that they are having issues subscribing through WordPress. If you are one of those people, please send me an email at from the email address you……

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  • The Neighbor

    When I got home I found the neighbor sitting behind the bakery’s woodpile, smoking a cigar. The neighbor, I guess that’s all he is now. First, he was the cute neighbor, then the hot neighbor, then the creepy neighbor. For now, he’s the lonesome neighbor, sitting behind the stack of wood with a curl of……

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  • Life Among the Lost

    We went for a walk in the cemetery on New Year’s day, greeting the future and mourning the past. A stroll among the overgrowth and overturned headstones and the piles of ruins from the war. Among all the names whose families had forgotten them. Among the life springing up amid all that death: a trio……

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  • Whenever I get away from the book, it reminds me to come home. I am currently sitting in the Orient Café, a tourist spot on the eaves of the central train station in Budapest. I love train stations, especially the gorgeous old ones littered around Europe. With the checkered tiles, welded green metal, and fogged……

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  • I have been completely insufferable for the last 24 hours because my work in progress “Murder at the Hotel Orient” just won the Blue Pencil Agency Pitch Prize! I have been referring to myself as “An award winning author” all day, in all kinds of contexts where it absolutely isn’t called for: “You should order……

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  • I promised Wednesdays to the blog, I promised this month to the book, and my Sundays to a poetry course. I promised my heart and my body and the rosewater-inoculated burden of monogamy to a man, and I have been spending most of my evenings wrapped in his arms. It’s saved me a little money……

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