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  • [ˈæləsən]

          They’re always bitching at me not to leave my till. Todd, Margaret, all of them. Always bitching. Though, they never explain just how it is that I’m supposed to know what the lady standing in front of me means when she says, “A grande-caramel-latte, and one of those on the end” and starts pointing her……

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  • I was published!

    My Poem “The Best Place Not To See Paris” was published as part of the HIV Here and Now project. Go Check it out: Poem 149 ± October 31, 2015

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  • “Who Are?”

    Is it still- no, Is that just rain still falling? You know, dripping from the trees still. Yeah it is, it’s just what is left. They look like they think it’s spring. You know? Like they are just blooming. It’s pretty. The light really. I mean. I hate to tell them. God. Is it fall……

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