An Update On Kevin

I have received countless emails in response to my Modern Love Essay, “Two Kisses We Never Talked About” in the New York Times, and many of them are asking “What happened to Kevin?”

The answer is tricky, but the short answer is: Kevin is still alive. Beyond that, the answer in unclear which is why it wasn’t clarified in the article. He has given me permission to share a brief update on his status.

Kevin has completed all 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and the initial results look promising but there are a few spots that are still of concern to the doctors. He has a few remaining follow-up tests that need to be done to be sure his cancer has not spread. So while we are hopeful, we cannot say anything for certain. In the meanwhile, he is back at work and is slowly recovering from the long-term effects of the treatment.

Kevin does not like smiling for the camera.

As he has begun the next phase of recovery I am no longer in a position as a caregiver for him. He joined on Saturday when we had a small party to celebrate the publication of the article.

As for our relationship: Kevin and I continue to be close friends and only that. We are both dating other people.

I am happily and madly in love with my new partner, Lucy. She is, simply put, wonderful.

We are in a monogamous committed relationship. This is sometimes confusing for readers because I often post about my dating life. Those stories are from the time before I met her.

A few months ago, Kevin met the true love of his life. She has given him a reason to live.
Her name is Waffles, and she is perfect.


8 thoughts on “An Update On Kevin

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  1. Loved your story. Almost brought tears to my eye. And I am so glad Kevin is doing well. Wish you two all the best in the new year.


  2. Glad to hear Kevin is doing well, and you both are carrying on with living your lives.
    I’m interested to know when your murder mystery is coming out!


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